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We Bring Hotels to New Heights.

BHM reshapes the way hotels work to maximize revenues by assessing needs, restructuring and customizing methods to ensure maximum profitability.

With BHM, Hotel owners will be surrounded by dedicated professionals who are passionate of what they do best, Hospitality. We analyze, strategize and implement every step to reposition Hotels for success. Our combined experience will not only offer side by side training, we will also revisit the positioning of hotels relationships on the GDS, OTA and Wholesalers, focusing in areas of revenue management, sales & marketing strategies and overall operations. 

Our team has been recognized and received achievement awards by Linkedin, The United States Congress, California Legislative, Mayor’s office to name a few.

We are not just about accomplishments. We are challenge driven. Bono Hotel Management has thrived in maximizing hotels profitability. We aim to 
stay connected and bring your hotel to a higher level of success. Seeing growth is
what we enjoy most.

Bono Hotel Management will be committed to assist and provide the guidance necessary for an increase in your bottom line. BHM will review and create as needed, a profitable financial plan based on trend. Help create regular financial reports to include monthly P&L and forecasts.

Standard Operating Procedures that make sense.

Strong SOPs equals paralled results.

Bono Hotel Management strengths are in our SOPs. Our formula targets each Hotels individually by covering all departments with property specific SOPs and adapting to their own uniqueness.

We train and empower your staff.

By ensuring that all Hotel Associates understand the overall customer service
aspect to remain one step ahead and comprehend the concept of “heads in
beds”. Elevate individuals to be sales minded and acknowledge that proper organization is the key to their success. 

Keeping things on track.

Building strong communication skills with regular industry standard meetings to include review of the comp set analysis, sales forecasting, budget trend in order to be ahead and capture market share. 

Everything counts

We maintain and restructure e-commerce as needed. Compare, analyze and understand ratio of direct & indirect booking. Use the latest technology that matters and helps us being #1.

Reassess all segmentation of sales. Train staff accordingly. Increase Guest satisfaction surveys 

while decreasing employee turnover. Invest on our associates and retain the best.


Bono Hotel Management offers many branding options. Not only have we developed and maintained relationships with major hotel brands. BHM will assist in creating an identity for Hotels that will last generations. We create a strong ​social media presence that will showcase guest experience. We use these Guests feedback to create our unique platform. We value their opinion and use it as a guideline. This strength becomes our buying power.

BHM is not limited to Partnering with photographers, graphic and interior
designers to bring a property to its highest potential.